I’ve been reading research papers on ionizers (and other similarly named marketing terms), Ionizers produce ozone as a by-product. Ozone is actually a pollutant and is toxic to humans (and animals). So, even weak ozone production in a small room can exceed safety levels.

Please click this link for more information – see the column “implications”:…n_JAWMA_O3.pdf

Furthermore, all those claims by aircon companies and air purifier companies are actually exaggerated or even false. The so-called bacteria killing is done not by negative ions, but by ozone. But ozone is dangerous for us too, not just on bacteria.

Please click these 2 research papers to understand how bacteria got killed :

Please tell your loved ones to stop using any ionizer function on their aircons and air-purifiers. How can we as customers get so easily tricked and conned like this by those companies ? What about little babies inhaling poison while we think they are inhaling clean air ? They should be charged for treason and murder !

A.S.S. Reader

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