I am the lowest paid fresh grad sinkie in my company.

Of the Singaporeans in my company, I had the lowest salary but did the most hands on job of building the software. The rest, foreigners, earn more than me. There were only 2 other foreigners earning the same pay scale as me but as they no need to pay CPF, they get the full amount plus employer contribution in cash.

There are female sinkies who are YOUNGER than me but earn at least 1k more than me.

My starting gross pay is 2.9k.
My take home pay is 2.2k.

Gahmen say no sinkies want to take up IT job. See lah, i study IT, so proficient in coding. yet I earn lesser than my non IT counterparts and they can go home earlier than me. Btw, i work in MNC not SME so there is no reason why they can’t pay well. Companies like this purposely pay a lower pay so they can use ‘sinkes dun work in this profession’ as an excuse to import more foreigners!

What happen to the NS men pay increment benefit? What happen to the ‘equal’ field for Man and Woman.. Now my pay is LOWER than my female counterparts.. Where is the justice?

Timothy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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