I am a mother of 4 children. I had faced my second failure in my marriage in 2013. My ex husband and I used to rent a hdb 2 room flat under his name and his son from his first marriage. After I married him, My name was added in and we had 2 little cute and pretty girls.

In 2013, my ex husband had an affair, he abused my son from my first marriage which I totally can’t accept and tolerate. Since then I decided to leave him with my 4 kids and I make a police report against him of abusing my son.

After I left, I tried renting flat from HDB but being push from 1 place to another. I tried to fight for the rented flat but was rejected. 1 thing I totally can’t understand is a man with 40k annually, owned a car and a shop can rent a flat from HDB while I, a mother of 4 with income of 1800 monthly can’t. Don’t you think is so ridiculous.

A man who betray his vow, his family can have a good life while all I want is to give my kids a roof and is totally impossible. What had our government give us? Does it mean children from single family and single mother can’t enjoy any privilege from our government.

We, single mother don’t required pity or charity from our government, what we need is fairness and justice. We, as a single mother only want to work with our own hands to give our children whatever we can like other complete family though we are not complete but we have the ability to make them feel complete.

I had totally give up on the policies in singapore. We don’t expect them to understanding because they will never until they went through what we went through.

A.S.S. Contributor

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