In a statement released after the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix yesterday, the Formula One governing body has confirmed that a 27 year-old man who climbed out onto the F1 night race track yesterday has been arrested by Singapore police.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said that the 27-year-old, who was clad casually in T-shirt and shorts, was “assisting police with investigations” after the unidentified man “went on to the track near Turn 13, triggering the deployment of the safety car”. The incident took place on Lap 37 of the race. Those who were listening in to Ferrari’s team radio were horrified to hear eventual race winner Sebastian Vettel screaming into the radio: “There’s a man on the track! Man on the track!”

The trespasser climbed out of the track a few moments later.

The FIA added that it is awaiting a full report into the incident.

After the race, Vettel told reporters: “It’s dangerous because we are going at 280-290kmh. I wouldn’t cross the road if I were him.

“Maybe next season, (the organizers) can block the grandstand. Fortunately, nothing happened to the drivers and to him.”

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