28 year-old Pinoy Ello Ed Mundsel Bello received a sentence of 4 months jail from the State Courts today at 2.30PM. Ello, using his online moniker Edz Ello, had posted seditious comments insulting and threatening Singaporeans online, and subsequently resorted to lying to the authorities to try and cover up his crimes.

Ello was convicted of 1 charge under the Sedition Act, for “promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility”, and on 2 charges of providing false information to police earlier this year.

The prosecution had pushed for a 5 month sentenced because of Ello’s complete lack of remorse over his actions, while Ello’s lawyer, Mark Goh, had asked for a lighter sentencing of 1 and a half months.

Shortly after posting his offensive comments, in which he called Singaporeans “loosers (sic) in their own country”, his employer Tan Tock Seng Hospital conducted its own investigations and found that Ello was a regular contributor online who harbored hatred against Singaporeans. He was sacked from the hospital where he worked at as a nurse.

At the time of reporting, there were no reports of patients under Ello’s care suffering any form of abuse.

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