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Actually i have already accepted “my fate” but I have decided to post this because my friend forwarded me an article almost similar to my situation. I just want to share mine too.

Read the earlier article here:

Since my divorce in 2012, after transferring my 3 room matrimonial flat to my ex spouse, I have been seeking help from hdb, writing to Mr khaw and my MP in yishun to secure a flat for myself and my 2 kids but to no avail. I always get the same replies. Attached are the emails. It speaks all. I am worn out that do not wish to explain further what I have done to try to get a roof over our heads.

I sinked into depression once, hating the world. I asked myself continously , ” what have I done? Where was the help when i were at my wits end? I spoke to you calmly when explaining my situation does not mean that you can pushed me aside and just console me, ” Dont worry, we will help you write a letter to hdb..” letters ? Where? Perhaps to be heard, i should do something like committing suicide or kneeling down and begging you. I did not do that because all the while I was thinking of my kids. I wanted them to have a good role model. Noone can feel the pain and desperation i went through.

Till date, i am still renting a flat with my 2 kids. I am so disappointed in them but all I can do is to hope for miracle to happen. This is Singapore?

A.S.S. Contributor

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