Dear Editors,

I was a school dropout when I was 14/15 but now I’m a lecturer in a public university in Singapore. I joined the gang and was caught by police several times.I did the usual things which a gangster would do back then: gang fight, underage smoking, extortion, etc..

But I began to turn around when I was about to finish my national service, I completed my O level in one year and A level in one year. With a reasonably good results, I managed to get into the university and did my undergraduate and then my post-graduate. I did research work in a university and subsequently went on to teach at the university.

The reason why I’m sharing this is because our society needs to encourage people like me who try to blend into the society. I feel that our government should do more to help people like us. Yes – it was my pure determination, discipline and perseverance that help me to achieve this success but if the government had done something to help me, it could have been easier for me.

Looking back now, I wouldn’t wholly blame the government for the education system – it is well respected throughout the world and I’m proud of it as a Singaporean. But I wouldn’t wholly support how our government is encouraging people like me to move on and achieve success.

A Determined Soul
A.S.S. Contributor

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