It’s really true that many of the younger generation are supporting PAP because they want to feel like they are on the side of the ‘good guys’ against the ‘bad guys’.

I saw a fb status by a primary school xdd who was rooting for PAP to win back Aljunied and Hougang. He called WP a bunch of 5 clowns. He had also liked the FAP page set up by Jason Chua, the most ‘credible’ source for SG politics.

This simplistic labelling of one side as always good and the other side as bad shows that our education system doesn’t teach students to think critically. They don’t even listen to both sides before making their decision.

I fear this is the youths’ mindset:

If you side PAP, you’re considered cool and trendy. Always following rules like a good boy. Need to take more selfies and wefies like PM Lee to fit in better in your social circle.

If you side opposition, you’re considered a whiner who just blames everyone for own failings. Rebellious, bad attitude, can’t get along with others and probably heading for trouble in life.

How can these misconceptions be corrected?

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