Hi Admin,

I wish to remain anonymous.

I recently been dating a hongkee girl working in an MNC here. She is nice and everything but I really enjoyed our time together. Unfortunately, she will be leaving in a few weeks time but the main part of the story is the company she works at.

This hongkee girl works for a very famous media MNC with a branch in Singapore. I have been to her company to visit her once or twice to do some romantic surprises for her, but what I discovered made me very worried.

This is because as a media company based in Singapore, their whole department is almost completely made up of foreigners! There is a PRC handling mainland China accounts along with my girlfriend, who handles the Hong Kong side of business. There is an Indonesian handling Indonesian and Malaysian businesses, and then there’s a westerner who handles businesses in America and Europe.

There are Singaporeans in the company but it seems they have been relegated to perform simple administrative and lower paying jobs.

Is this the fate of the Singaporean worker? To be the slaves of foreign MNC companies that will always hire their own kind first?

I will openly tell you that I was one of the 30% who voted opposition this GE2015 so don’t tell me to suck it up. Let us band together and expose the nasty practices of foreign companies here for the sake of fellow Singaporeans!

Mr Jay
A.S.S. Contributor

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