Wanted to share this to highlight to everyone to be extra careful when dealing with this company.

My mum (70+ yo) went Toa Payoh and was approached by this company on some eye brow services. My mum was told that the price will be SGD90 and upon completion of the services. They told my mum that the final price is SGD388.

My mum told them that she only got SGD200 in her purse and there is no way she will enter the shop if she knew that they are charging her SGD388.
The people in the shop did not believe my mum and even searched her purse for money.

After threatening to call the police, they took all my mum money and issued this invoice and said my mum owes them SGD180.

My sister tried lodging a complain to CASE but was told that we must first be a CASE member (S$30) and there will also be an admin charge before we can proceed. After calculating the amount of refund we might get even if we are successful (S$208 – S$90 -S$30 – admin fees), she decided not to proceed.

Do inform your family members especially the elderly to be careful with these company.

Jonathan Tang
A.S.S. Reader

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