Dear Editors,

The PAP seems to be lost when it comes having a coherent economic strategy for Singapore.

1. Building RWS and MBS is not an economic strategy
2. Building more shopping malls is not an economic strategy
3. Building Changi Jewel is not an economic strategy
4. Legalising prostitution is not and economic strategy
5. Flooding Singapore with cheap 3rd world migrants is no economic strategy
6. Setting up more TOTO and betting booths is not an economic strategy.

What happened to making Singapore an Education Hub in this region?

What is going on with our Biotechnology endeavour?

Where are our pillars for manufacturing growth?

What happened to our quest for Telecommunications excellence?

The pap has failed in developing a successful strategy for SG’s economic growth

Will Singapore go into recession next year because of PAP’s incompetence and neglect?

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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