Property Portal has given Singaporeans the best reason to vote opposition in the coming elections with their latest research, which proves that when it comes to housing prices, it really does not matter where a home is located in a constituency held by the ruling party of the opposition.

Although perceptions are that Opposition held constituencies receive less upgrading as ruling party wards and receive lesser amenities, found that housing prices between opposition and ruling party wards did not differ significantlty.

The graphs show how private housing prices in the four constituencies — Aljunied, Ang Mo Kio, Potong Pasir and West Coast — have changed from July 2006 to July this year.

Ironically, both Aljunied and Potong Pasir had better property price appreciation and outperformed the Singapore average. In fact, both constituencies are among the best performing areas in Singapore, with its properties more than doubling in price on average over the last 10 years — a growth rate of over 100 per cent.

In contrast, property prices in Ang Mo Kio performed just as well as those in Aljunied, but those in West Coast lagged behind the national average, growing only about 50% over the past 10 years.

However, price movements and trend lines in the constituencies have remained in sync with the national average and other wards despite control of Aljunied and Potong Pasir changing hands in 2011.

So you can now vote for opposition parties in the next General Election with an ease of mind?

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