How did former minister George Yeo propose to his wife? Well, he didn’t.

It was revealed recently on an radio interview that Mr Yeo and his wife, Jennifer, discussed marriage and decided on it. They then informed their respective parents and did it.

Mr Yeo met his wife at a lecture in NUS law school when she was an undergraduate. The couple got married in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and celebration was four tables at a restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown.

On his lost in Aljunied GRC in GE 2011, Mr Yeo said that the loss was so painful that no matter how prepared he was, the impact of the loss was just too great.

“Of course, you never forget that moment in your life. I mean, it’s part of my history,” he said.

But Mr Yeo refuse to say more.

“I don’t want to dwell on this subject. It’s too much of a personal indulgence,” he said.

Despite ending his 23-year political career, Mr Yeo is as busy as ever, thanks to the many hats he wears.

Mr Yeo is now chairman at Kerry Logistics is also the chancellor of India’s Nalanda University and holds two Vatican appointments.

He says despite being very busy, he finds the stress “less insistent” in the private sector.

“In politics, you can be eating chicken rice in a hawker centre and someone comes up to you and engages you because he’s got a problem.

“So you’ve got to stop eating and listen to him. You can’t say, ‘look I’m busy now, can you wait’? Or if he e-mails you, you have to respond,” he said.

Although he is very grateful for the opportunity to serve as a politician, Mr Yeo ruled himself out of going back to politics

Mr Yeo has four children aged between 21 and 26. The children are living in different countries and they get together only once or twice a year, usually in summer or during the Christmas season.

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