Dear Editors,

We purchased some furniture items from Big Box Habitat in Jul. Items were not received as per scheduled, so we called their customer service hotline but no ones answered, called the sales person, her phone was off. So we went to the showroom in that evening and found out the sales person was not on duty.

Her superior, David Lee (Asst. Manager) attended to us and rescheduled another delivery date. He waived the delivery charges but the refund would only take place after items completely delivered. He told us normally the refund will take 21 days. He left his contact number and reassured us he will definitely pick up calls.

Well, the items finally delivered to us but in between again the same thing happened, sales person mobile was off and she was not on duty. This is really the most terrible deliver service I have encountered.

The refund procedure completed in end Jul. Early Sep, we still did not received our refund so we contacted the sales person and she gave us a reference number, she said her finance will call us but nothing happened. So I whatsapps David Lee to ask him about the status last Mon. He told me he was on leave for 3 days, Thursday he will update me. No news on Thursday and Friday, not working because of polling day.

Only last Sunday, again I asked him about the status. We called him once but he did not pick up call so I whatsapps him He replied that he will check on Monday. Nothing happened till yesterday, I called him and again, he did not pick up calls. Out of no choice, I went to their showroom. I was told that the sales person only will come in the afternoon and David was not in. I whatsapp him, he read my message so I called him again at their showroom but he did not answered.

That really pissed me off so I told him I was at his office, I will complain him to his management. Then, he scolded me ILLITERATE!!

Is not the money issue that matters me but is the attitude of the Asst. Manager. This is totally uncivilised and behave like a hooligan.

By the way, his staff Eldwin settled the refund matter for me about 20 minutes. He is friendly and did a good job.

UPDATE: Vincent Teo, their manager called me to apologise to me this afternoon. I demand David Lee to give me both phone and written apology. He explaination of his remark to me in his whatsapps.

The biggest retail shopping mall in town with the worst delivery service in town. Poor customer service (no ones pick up calls, talk to machine). I will not buy anything from there anymore, your uncivilised Asst Manager really terrible.

A.S.S. Contributor

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