GE 2015 shocked everyone with PAP winning 69.9%. All opposition parties were shattered to pieces and lost big time. WP lost Punggol East and nearly lost Aljunied. The face of Low Thia Khiang tells it all, he is sad & near tears. His reputation & political career is now over. All because his greed!

Last GE 2011 WP won 6 seats. The by-election won 1 more seat. Total 7 seats. This is 5 more than the 2 seats Singapore parliament usually had for Hougang & Potong Pasir. But Singaporeans are willing accept 7 opposition MP in parliament despite the number being a bit high. Since WP usually doesn’t give trouble or disrupt parliament functions, Singaporeans don’t mind having 7 opposition MP.

GE 2015 changed everything. Voters were shocked & got nervous when WP announced it was fielding 28 candidates! From 7 seats, now they wanted 28 seats! Imagine if all 28 candidates won, what difficulties they could pose to the ruling party. Although they can’t prevent PAP passing good laws that safeguard Singaporeans’ interests, they could delay & disrupt parliament proceedings. Older Singaporeans would remember the 1960s period when communists infiltrated our parliament using 10 MPs from opposition parties. Parliament proceedings during that time always got jammed & could not move on! Good laws could not pass, good bills could not pass because opposition MPs played delaying tactics making long speeches, asking for amendments!

When WP announced it was fielding 28 candidates, voters become suspicious. When voters checked the details of WP’s 28 candidates, it become obvious Low Thia Khiang was not joking. WP was serious it wanted to win 28 seats! All the candidates are good quality, top education, young and with good careers. They were different from past election candidates.

Singaporeans voters’ fear is finally confirmed! WP is greedy and becoming a high risk! Experience of 1960s political troubles come back haunt voters! Scaring voters is also another development: SDP Chee Soon Juan is released from bankruptcy ban to contest in election. After disappearing for so many years, he now came back to contest Holland Bukit Timah GRC which is a 4 candidates GRC. His election rally attracted a big crowd. His rally speech won great attention. His team for Holland Bukit Timah also consisted good candidates. Singaporeans & voters analysed carefully and counted, if SDP also won, parliament would have 28 WP candidates + 4 SDP candidates. 32 opposition MPs could block PAP changing our constitution. 32 opposition MPs could ask indefinite questions and delay everything in parliament. The ruling party also would lose 32 ministers and MPs who are of high calibre.

Voters knew immediately this GE 2015 is a dangerous & risky election. If not careful, they migt vote in 32 tigers and wolves into parliament!

Democracy is good, some opposition voice is good, but too much of democracy and opposition voice can also lower efficiency. The government will spend most of its time quarrelling with opposition parties and spend little time doing governance work. Singaporeans in the end will suffer.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said it for all. During past 50 yrs did PAP fail voters? PAP never need opposition parties check them for 50 yrs. The ruling party is capable & competent checking themselves. No reason of voters & Singaporeans to take big risk to change this formula that has work successfully 50 yrs!

Feeling the danger, knowing WP has become greedy, wishing continue the current honest efficient PAP government, 69.9% voters in Singapore decided to play safe: vote all PAP candidates and reject all opposition candidates!

Western democracy and their flawed values have no place in our Asian Chinese culture. Parliament of Asia society is a well respected place for serious discussions and solving national problems, not for quarrelling or abusing ministers and fellow MPs!

GE 2015 is a big loss for opposition parties. It is because of WP’s greed and failure to understand our local culture and local desire for stability and peace!

Chan Ah Soo

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