Dear Editors,

Just a random thought that recently came into my mind after GE2015, no offense to anyone but please read till the end before you form your conclusion. There are 4 groups of people I observed in our electorate during this GE.

1) People who voted for PAP and yet still complain about them and their policies. This group of ppl are contradictory n they may not know what they want. So out of fear or convenience, they voted for PAP even though they are not happy with their policies.

2) Ppl who voted for PAP n genuinely support their policies w absolutely zero complain. This is the type of PAP supporters that I like n respect. Such group of ppl usually have done their own research n are genuinely convinced by the PAP n their policies. They engage in constructive policies debates instead of using character assassination or name calling to win a debate. Our country certainly need more PAP supporters like you to engage in constructive debates w the opp to progress democratically.

3) Ppl who voted for Opp but willing to bite the bullet n not complain despite they have the absolute right to do so. This is the group that win the most respect bcos ppl in this group do not complain although they still have the right to do so but strive to engage in constructive debates w ppl from the other camp in an attempt to win them over. Such ppl do not oppose for the sake of opposing. They R genuine lovers of our country, not to say ppl earlier mentioned R not. Our country is in desperate need of ppl in the electorate in group 2&3 IMHO to engage ppl generally politically for the overall good of Singapore.

4) Of cos the last group is ppl who voted for opp n still complain which is normal n they still have such right to complain. At least, this group is not as worse as the first group of contradictory political affiliation. I strongly encourage ppl in this group to move on n join those in the 3rd group of ppl which I have mentioned above. Complaining does not resolve any matter even though it aids to relieve one of emotional distress. There R more constructive ways to engage ppl in the social media such as debating in one’s policy w/o name calling or character assassination which is uncalled for.

Which group do u belong to? Nothing about political affiliation but more on each own level of resilience n character. LHL n Dr Chee had said recently that reputation is temporal but character permanent. Singapore really need ppl w strong resilience n high morally right n good character both in our parliament n in our electorate(not to imply our current parliament is in severe lack of such Pple but it might in future if our electorate is not watchful in their voting) if our parliament is only make up of yes man w no constructive debates in parliament b4 policies are implemented, we are doomed not now but maybe 20-30 years later bcos it takes time for a country to feel the repercussion of its policy passed whether good or bad. God bless Singapore n her government n her citizens.

David Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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