Former The Real Singapore editors have re-opened TRS. This time, Takagi Ramen Shop (TRS) – two Japanese Ramen shops in the canteens of National University of Singapore – one at Prince George Park Residence and the other at Bukit Timah Campus, according to a tip-off from a NUS student.

The 23 year old Ai Takagi Japanese Australian took Singaporeans by surprise when it was revealed the pretty girl was behind The Real Singapore. Ai and her fiance Yang Kai Heng are currently still under police investigation.

Kai Heng’s father is currently in a serious condition suffering from a rare neurological disorder and the medical bill has chalked up to over 100K in Singapore. The duo is working hard to pay off the hefty medical debt.

The couple has opened two shops in NUS, readers are encouraged to patronize her shops. Unlike a rare Pokemon, you may catch Ai Takagi in one of her shops.

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