Dear Editors,

Pardon for my poor English but I really cannot stand it anymore.

Nowadays when I open facebook app, I would see several posts about people scolding voters of PAP. Regardless of cpf, erp, gst, foreign employees and even the haze, they would say it is because of those voters and mind them “don’t complain” in the future. But excuse me, ironically aren’t you yourself who voted for PAP as well?

I believe many Singaporeans vote for PAP NOT because they support them but because the opposition parties are too weak. Would you rather have PAP members to rule your area or some lowly candidates like NSP Choong hon heng? Some of the opposition parties don’t even know what they were saying and I know you watched those video too.

I am not saying PAP are the best government or they have the best candidates for this year election but if the opposition parties are able to prove that voting them will REALLY help create a better Singapore in the long run during their rallies, I am sure there will be a different results.

So shut up dear haters. Don’t be a keyboard warrior and start preparing to be one of those candidates during the next election that the “dumb PAP voters” will vote for if you think you are better than them.

A.S.S. Contributor

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