Who are the winners of GE2015? PAP.

Losers? Sorry not the Opposition and definitely not the media like myself States Times Review. It is Singaporeans.

So what did Singaporeans lose? Singaporeans lost both important things that they don’t care about and important things they care about.
Important things they don’t care about? Democracy, freedom of speech and the Constitution.

Important things they care about? Retirement. Employment. Livability. Quality of life. Family time. Affordability. Economy. Check and balance.

Singaporeans lost so much yet they can tell you they are fortunate at least the Opposition is not voted in because they have taken in lies telling them that the enemy is the Opposition and it is the Opposition who are responsible for the landslide PAP win and also the Opposition why PAP policies did not went well.

Blaming the Opposition is such a convenient excuse because it cuts brain activities. What policies? Who cares about policies isn’t it?

I find Singapore’s level of ignorance at a dangerous low because we do not have an independent and neutral media that promotes critical analysis. I have always maintained that people who read States Times Review require a level of sophistication, otherwise, my articles are really not for you.

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