According to Malaysian police, car robbers and carjackers in Malaysia have reportedly been using stun guns and pepper spray to attack their victims.

Reports from as early as last year include accounts by victims who said that the robbers would first ram their vehicle from behind, wait for them to emerge from the car and then charge at them with stun guns.

Malaysian crime safety specialist R. Shamir also noted that participants at his talks have recounted experiences of being attacked with those weapons. “While conducting crime prevention workshops, we heard of three such incidents from our participants,” he said.

“In all the cases we heard, the drivers managed to escape but lost their cars,” he said. Shamir has been conducting personal security workshops for the last five years.

He also suggested that stun guns should not be legalized or licensed,“Any self-defence weapon that can be used offensively should not be legalised. Even pepper spray has been used to temporarily blind robbery victims.”

Shamir, however, acknowledged several instances where women had successfully used pepper spray to escape from attackers. “When you are confronted with robbers, remember that your life is more important that your valuables.”

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