Many people have asked why Lee Li Lian refused to take up the NCMP seat when she is the best loser of this GE. This is the wrong question to ask!

Lee Li Lian is NOT the best loser of this GE! The best loser is fireman Victor Lye who led an all-star team to win 49.05% of the votes in Aljunied GRC, nearly defeating the incumbent WP ‘A’ team.

It is NOT meritocratic to deny Victor Lye the NCMP seat! So what if he is from PAP? He is the true best loser! With his many talents he has much to contribute in parliament!

How can the system be so utterly unfair as to deny Victor Lye a seat?! He is already 52. If the government makes him wait another 5 years, he will be 57 in 2020 and might not get the chance to stand for election again!

Don’t forget that Victor took 1.5 years leave from his job to prepare for this GE. Are they expecting him to take another 5 years of leave? He probably isn’t earning anything, so that’s another reason to at least let him have the NCMP salary of $2000!

Victor must be considered first before anyone else for the NCMP seat!

Following this logic, the order of best losers should be this: Victor Lye (49.05%) , Lee Li Lian (48.2%) , Dennis Tan (42.5%) and then that PAP guy whom we can’t remember who contested in Hougang (42%).

If this were done, the three NCMPs would be Victor Lye, Dennis Tan and that Hougang guy (assuming Lee Li Lian declines). This would be the most meritocratic outcome!

Never before in the history of Singapore has a PAP candidate lost as well as Victor Lye. He has beaten all the best losers in the entire opposition camp for this GE. It would be a shame if his efforts are not rewarded with a non-constituency seat in parliament! Don’t you think it is unfair to leave out the Number 1 loser?

A.S.S. Contributor

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