Due to the worsening haze situation in Singapore, the Ministry of Health will be activating the Haze Subsidy Scheme. It will be available at all polyclinics and Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) from 16 September 2015.

The Haze Subsidy Scheme provides children, the elderly and lower and middle-income Singaporeans with affordable treatment for haze-related conditions, which are, allergic rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), conjunctivitis and upper respiratory tract infections (URTI).

Under this scheme, Pioneers will pay no more than $5, and other eligible Singaporeans will pay no more than $10. MOH will subsidise the remaining costs. Public Assistance (PA) cardholders enjoy fully subsidised care.

The following groups of Singapore citizens are eligible for the scheme:

i) All Singaporean children (aged 18 and below) and elderly (aged 65 and above);

ii) Singaporeans who are on any of the following schemes:

a. Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS);

b. Public Assistance (PA);

c. Medical Fee Exemption Card (MFEC);

d. Medical Fee Assistance Card (MFAC); and

e. Pioneer Generation (PG).

iii) Singaporeans who earn a monthly income of $1,800 and below (averaged over the last six months), based on self-declaration using an official form.

For more information about the Haze Subsidy Scheme, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Public Health Preparedness Clinics

The PHPC Scheme is part of MOH’s effort to partner primary care clinics to better care for patients during public health emergencies. The scheme consolidates and streamlines the roles previously played by the Pandemic Preparedness Clinics (PPCs) and the Haze Clinics. PHPCs are a critical part of MOH’s national emergency preparedness efforts, to ensure access to primary care services during times of public health emergencies, for example influenza pandemics and haze.

PHPCs are required to undergo training and will also receive support from MOH during such emergencies, including required supplies such as medication and vaccines if needed.

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