M1 Subscribers Beware! This Is How M1 Works

My brother had a contract with M1 for his mobile phone service from Jul 2013 to Jul 2015. The Plan costs $94 per month. He decided to re-contract with M1 in May 2015 for a cheaper plan for two years to 2017 at $61 per month.

He was told by M1 that he will have to continue to pay $94 a month until his contract ends in Jul 2015 and then he will be charged $61 per month with effect from Jul. That sounded fair and he agreed with the new terms.

However, when he received his bill in Sep, he noticed that he was still billed $94. He called up M1 to enquire and was told that he has to call up M1 in Jul before M1 will charge him $61 per month. Otherwise M1 would continue to charge him the higher rate. M1 said that since he didn’t call up, they will continue to charge him the old rate of $94. But since he called up in Sep, they will charge him $61 from Sep.

M1 subscribers beware! M1 requires you to inform them when your old contract expires before they are willing to bill you the new lower rate. Is this how it should be? Or should M1 rethink this?

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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