A local netizen posted this piece of news on popular forum Hardwarezone. He says that rumours have been spreading about a group of unhappy opposition voters who want the government to launch a by-election for Punggol East because they feel their votes were unfairly counted.

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I stay Punggol East. Tiagong from my neighbours that there was something odd about the votes for Punggol East.

Many people in my area can’t believe the votes in Punggol East swung in favour of PAP. I think because most of us openly pledged our support for our humble WP MP Ms Lee Li Lian.

Quite sad to see Ms Lee’s shocked face when she lost the vote. It’s like someone promise to sarpork you but suddenly turn behind your back and backstab.

Some people say maybe the PAP has rigged the election votes in its favour. Heard that during the counting process, the civil service counting agents (who are mostly pro-PAP anyway) discard votes for the opposition. Some elderly said that they put a tick in the box next to the opposition, and so their votes maybe been rejected.

Even worse is one neighbour heard that the person who represented Workers’ Party at the counting booth was actually an Hougang pro-PAP RC member! If really like that no wonder he fast hand fast leg void votes that belonged to the oppositions.

You think possible? If real, WP should really take PAP to court and challenge them to hold by-election again at Punggol East!

A.S.S. Reader

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