Dear Editors,

PAP can, and should, take the strong mandate from S’poreans as a second chance to perform well. A second chance to score As at the exam.

Many are expecting GE2015 to be more watershed than GE2011. However, the contrary happened with 69.9% voting for PAP. This unexpected landslide victory comes despite a backdrop of numerous social problems attributed to the largely uninhibited influx of foreign workers (as belted out by Opposition parties) — high costs of living, increasing unemployment and underemployment of S’poreans, suppressed wages, overcrowded spaces, high prices of HDB flats and properties, constant MRT breakdowns, high COE prices and car prices, social tensions with foreigners etc. This could happen due to swing voters who choose to pushback the growing Opposition movement, as seen by the massive turnouts for opposition rallies.

It is good that PAP feels humbled by their win. It is good that PAP says the strong mandate will make them work doubly hard. This strong mandate is NOT a seal of approval that they can continue with their current policies unchecked, such as the 6.9 mil Population White Paper. PAP should take this strong mandate as a chance to put the wrongs right. PAP should take strong initiatives to address all the social problems that are voiced out by the Opposition. PAP should make S’poreans feel that their nation is heading in the right direction by the next GE.

This is because if PAP fails to do so, the swing voters will assess that PAP has not performed well despite being given a second chance by them to take steps to correct all the social problems that S’pore is facing due to the flawed immigration policies. Should the swing voters feel this way at the next GE, they may decide to give their votes to the Opposition instead.

PAP, do take this strong mandate as your second chance to make S’pore a better home for true-blue S’poreans.

A.S.S. Contributor

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