The PAP need not be too proud of the landslide victory. It didn’t contest on a level playing field. What is the value of the victory when they intentionally tilt the contest hugely to their favour.

1. Gerrymandering – We know how the carving of boundaries can allow one party to have an advantage over the other. THere is no justification nor transparency on how its done.

2. Election Department – Reports to the Prime Minister. He calls the shot. In fact, he kept the appointment of EBRC from public until it was asked in parliament. Appointment of EBRC signals strongly that election will take place soon. By trying to hide it, he surreptitiously tried to slant the favours towards his party.

3. GRCs – Allowing weaker candidates to be elected into parliament while heavyweights from the alternatives were kept out.

4. Only 9 days of campaigning – Too short for alternatives to explain in detail and touch base with the ground. Some may argue that the alternatives have 4 years to connect with voters, but one must remember that the boundaries are changed every election and thus making it impossible to know the boundaries.

5. Political Broadcast. Air-time is allocated by the number of candidates rather than a standard time for all parties contesting. As PAP has the most number of candidates, this automatically give them as long as 13 mins for the political broadcast while the alternatives get 5 mins max, 2.5 mins minimum.

6. Control of Mainstream Media – Biased reporting to shape and sway the voters opinion. The mainstream media seldom report news that are unfavourable to the PAP but is always quick to paint the alternatives in a bad light.

7. New rules every election that doesn’t make sense but serves only to cripple the alternatives – Disallowing candidates from different parties to speak at each other’s rally.

Until there is free and fair elections, there is no honour in winning. It’s like a teacher setting exam papers but leaking it to his/her children for them to benefit. There’s no glory.

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