Help to spread. Ladies out there please beware of this useless. A man who abandoned his own flesh is a piece of trash. Whoever needed him desperately are free to accept him, I’m gladly to give away my used toy, Jeremy Toh.

When we started dating, everything was fine until i’m pregnant. At first yes he asked me to abort. But after the long conversation, eventually he agreed on rising our child tgt. And so things carry on, till I’m about 20 weeks pregnancy, he suddenly leave without a good reason (excuses), no contact at all. So basically i went thru the entire pregnancy and labor alone.

After his son is born i went to the family court to file the child maintenance towards him. After then we started to contact each other again. We go thru DNA as he requested. He asked let’s be tgt and drop the case. Obviously I’m not that dumb. So i replied him ” You want to be tgt can, but the maintenance still have to carry on, the assurance for my son. He agreed on the amount and so the order takes about 2 months to finalize. In between that period things was really great and he really did his part as a father.

But after the order finalize, guess what he said.. I’m committed to you, but we aint in a rs. So thank god i didnt drop the case. Last month i found out i’m pregnant w his second child, he told me let’s get marry, but i have to abort this child as our finance couldnt afford right now. I know aborting is inhuman, but the thought of giving my son a complete family, I listened and did what he say.

Until last night he suddenly called off the wedding and leave me again, due to his friends. He claimed that he’s top priority are his friends. So this noon i went down to his place wanting to talk things out. i called for him 100x, spam him texts, he just ignored. Till the extend i have to knock his door variously for him to come out. We had a small fight downstair when i’m carrying his son, i torn his shirt and he pushed me and ran off just like that.

So in order to have a talk with him, I waited 8 hours downstair his place with his son. He knew but he just ignore, telling me its over and etc, period.

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