We received this letter from a concerned Uber driver, who is protesting against the unreasonable driving hours that Uber is imposing on its drivers in an attempt to milk more revenue from them. Take a read here:

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your time reading this email.

Firstly, I am a driver driving with Uber. The following recipients cc-ed are fellow drivers.

This email is in regards to an act done by Uber Singapore, which we are deeply concerned as it is a very irresponsible and barbaric decision. It directly affects the traffic conditions and safeness of our Singapore streets.

This URL, t.uber.com/sg-14s , is the incentives for week 14/09/2015 to 20/09/2015 (F1 week) for Uber drivers. Uber is encouraging drivers to drive 80+ hours for this week, by tempting drivers by the amount to be made for that week. Incentives changes week from week and drivers can only know the incentive for the next following week on Sunday night.

Drivers makes most of their income from these incentives, making a majority of drivers trying to hit the top tier rewards. This is exceptionally dangerous as drivers whom are deprived from rest makes dangerous drivers. This will endanger our very own Singaporeans lives.

As we all know, LTA does not regulate organisations like Uber and GrabCar. Without regulation(good or bad there is no line clearly drawn), these organisations can basically do, say, execute anything they want.

Amongst these drivers, there are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers. We implore you, Commissioner of Police, Mr Hoong Wee Teck, Commissioner of Singapore Civil Defence Force, Mr Eric Yap Wee Teck, Chairman Land Transport Authority, Mr Michael Lim Choo San, Singapore Police Force, Land Transport Authority, Singapore Civil Defence Force, that such organisations are numbers driven and have no mercy on lives.

Please take serious consideration on this matter. Together, we can create and maintain a safer Singapore.

If there is any assistance needed, I can be reached at 9*****02.

Yours Sincerely,
Lee Wen Xiang
Uber Driver Partner

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