After reading the reactions on GE2015 from people in my generation on my social media. I fear the battle is not over for this generation, and I will live to see meaningful changes in my lifetime.

I am a 24 year old individual. I feel very sad that my peers are brainwashed so badly.

We are the strawberry generation. We look nice because we are often groomed and protected by our parents. But we are soft because we were so protected by our parents until we do not learn anything. We dare not to say NO because we prefer to enjoy the stability that were built on by our ‘forefathers’. We do not dare to work and try things out because we should follow the path that was lay in front of us.

We chose to live inside our comfortable box and follow orders from our dictators because what they say is always right. The teachers, parents, whoever in power, are always right. They have absolute personal power to control our every action. They have every single reward to lure us to do certain actions. Thus, we cannot say they are wrong, we cannot criticize and we must be GRATEFUL from all the peace and stability we have now.

The moment change were mentioned, we shrug it off and say ‘NO, change for what?’ It is so cosy and chill here. So comfortable and warm. Why want to mess things up by going outside the box where uncharted territories are, the quality of life is totally filled with uncertainty. We fear change because of stability that were implemented long time ago.

We ended up do not dare to try new things, we cannot critical think and we dare not think outside of the box because it is a taboo to do that. We dare not accept people who dare to step outside the box and we exile them from our life. We scold and refer them as ungrateful black sheep. We cannot accept new information from external sources because it is WRONG to have dissents. We shut ourselves out and dwell further inside the box.

We started to build walls, concrete walls and install defense systems. We fight back against those who dare to criticize our leader. We shoot, we kill and we declare victory on them. We become tools of war like chess pieces that are movable by the orders of our leader. We defend our supreme god because what they do, is always right. We become delusional and chose to live inside the illusion of peace and stability.

We allow our dictators to scold us, torture us, milk us, bully us and we have no say in what’s right or what’s wrong. It is because we relate our supremacists that is similar to god, we call them founding fathers. We cannot go against our founders. Without them, there will be no us.

However, some of us manage to escape that prison. We swim across the seas of torment, and manage to land ourselves on new territories.

We look back at walls of the enormous box we called home, and realize that box is so restricting. We think back at how stupid we were, to give our life to work endlessly for our dictator. We decide to move on and explore the world and we realize the world out there is a different kind of a box. We do not get dictated like we once were.

We learn new skills, new knowledge and new cultures that were erased from the history books. We learn to think, critically. We learn to criticize against those conservatives in the box. We learn to find the extreme flaws from our old leader, we learn to fight back for our rights in democracy. We learn to fight for change.

We learn to be human, again. We must unite, again. We must prepare to invade the old box, tear down that box down and free the people to teach and guide them that what was done inside, is very unethical, very inhumane.

Until then, we will remain dormant. Until the chance to strike was given. We must remain vigilant. So that we can take back that land, where the box sits, where we call home.

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