Have you ever wondered why the opposition lost the contest so badly? It is a
simple explanation actually.

We must understand that Singaporeans are patriotic and nationalistic. We do
not treat the growth of our nations lightly and we take every concern
seriously. Hence, any possible and probable setbacks should be eliminated.
And this was exactly what happened in the last General Election.

For years, the opposition parties have been opposing – as in, heavily
opposing and displaying the unhappiness of Singaporeans. Such actions create
instability to the growth of Singapore and Singaporeans are not ready to take
that risk. Such risks may reduce our standard of living, which Singaporeans
have taken pride around the world. Hence, there was a swing to the PAP. The
opposition parties have not understood the dynamics involved in the last
General Election. Singaporeans are patriotic and nationalistic and we are
getting concerned about well-being of the nations more than politics now.

Now that the Election is over, as we look back, it could have been better if
the opposition parties tone down and show a supporting role to the PAP.
Instead of criticizing the PAP, they should avoid that as much as possible
and highlight how they can support the PAP in growing the country,
particularly after our country’s founding father has passed on.

With that approach, the opposition parties, particularly the Workers’ Party
that were contesting most of the seats at the opposition side, could have
performed better.

To explain why a large turnout at the opposition rallies didn’t turn into
votes is simple. People are really concerned about the well-being of the
nation. But when it comes to supporting their party and maintaining stability
of the nation’s well-being, Singaporeans are not ready to forego the latter
for politics. And when the cooling day came, I believe the opposition
supporters swang towards the PAP in their mind and decided to support them.

The opposition parties were defeated by the the hokkien phrase “kia-si”,
which means “afraid to die”.

A.S.S. Contributor

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