LKY died only 5 months ago.

Yet the masses who attended his funeral procession were reminded again of his
life and achievements again during the recent national day celebrations. PAP
tied SG50 to LKY and their campaign for a strong mandate to keep Singapore
united worked. They said LKY’s demise showed that we should appreciate
leaders while they are still around.

PAP won this GE largely thanks to LKY.

This is because new citizen voters were swayed to vote for PAP because the
great man they respected had passed on.

The opposition parties miscalculated and thought this was 2011 all over
again. They did not realize that instead of attacking, they should have been
defending. They said that the old PAP and the new PAP were different. Instead
they should have been defending themselves and arguing what each of them
could bring to parliament.

In this pro PAP climate caused by LKY’s death, WP should have fielded a
prominent face in Fengshan SMC and just focussed on East Coast and not Marine
Parade GRC. Over-expanding in the face of a sad electorate which was still
mourning LKY does not look good. It made the opposition look ambitious and
the PAP look caring. LHL’s image everywhere helped because people sympathized
for the PM who had just lost his father.

In Aljunied GRC, WP won only because of Low Thia Khiang staying there to
defend the GRC. There were two competing factors here. A pro PAP sentiment
due to loss of Lee Kuan Yew, and a pro WP sentiment because of the respect
for Low Thia Khiang for being a dedicated opposition leader.

Ultimately, the pro LTK sentiment barely won over the pro LKY/pro PAP

We forgot that only hardcore opposition supporters would think that LKY dying
is no big deal and that he hasn’t done much over the 4 years anyway. Just
collecting salary when he’s not doing anything. Only hardcore opposition
voters think like that.

The new citizens who comprise a large segment of the swing voters are not
going to think like this. Especially since they have much to thank LKY for.
The new voters (those born in 1991, 1992, 1993) are mostly apathetic voters.
They would remember LKY dying in March more than they would remember stuff
like 6.9 million population, train breakdowns, etc.

PAP policies did not improve that much since GE2011 but LKY’s death was the
single most important factor which compensated for that.

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