The PAP scoring 69% of the valid votes in GE 2015 surprised many.
Several reasons were postulated for the swing of votes to PAP. These are:
1. Overall swing of support to PAP
2. More young voters
3. More new citizens
4. Pioneer Generation Package
5. PAP gerrymandering
6. Some poor quality Opposition candidates
7. All seats were contested

To me all the above are to a certain extent valid. But the most interesting
point is that all seats were contested. Could the results have been much
different if the Opposition were more united and had sent in their best
candidates to contest only 44 seats and let the pap have 45 seats on
Nomination Day? In a case of only 44 seats or less are contested, would the
voters be more comfortable to vote for the Opposition? I would think so.
The Opposition would definitely got a better share of the votes and many more
Opposition candidates would have been elected.

I appeal to the Opposition to be united and seriously consider contesting
only about 50% of the seats at the next GE.
Should the aim of the next GE be to have enough Opposition members to check
the PAP? So let’s hope our best Opposition will stand against the PAP at
the next GE.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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