Yes, it is one indeed. The whites are put back as majority in Parliament. But all is not lost. They have heard us loud and clear. The PAP has heard our true-blue S’poreans call for a more compassionate and S’poreans-first society. They realised that they had been arrogant and are humbled by the massive opposition rallies they’d seen and heard. They realised that S’poreans now are more educated, more connected with social media and want to be heard. In a sense, this election is like a civilised protest/revolution by the people for their voices to be heard by the government. Fortunately, PAP is a smart government and now seems willing to be more humble and connect more with the people.

So where do we go from here? This election has generated momentum among S’poreans to retaliate against all the flawed policies. There could be more wrestles of power back from the government to the people after this election, such as the next protest at Hong Lim Park against the 6.9 mil Population White Paper (if it is to be organised). PAP has said that the strong mandate given to them by S’poreans means MPs must work extra hard to serve. They have promised to work doubly hard to make the lives of S’poreans better. This is a good start.

S’poreans should continue to voice out our concerns and needs and puts pressure on the government to fulfil their promise of serving us better. The most pressing could be asking PAP for a clearer stand regarding the 6.9 mil Population White Paper. In addition, job protection for S’poreans may be just as important. We should continue to ask the government to address all the issues that are brought up by S’poreans throughout the election rallies, and monitor their responses accordingly. If we feel that they should work harder on addressing the issues, then we can push them harder.

PAP mentions that the next PM could be from the batch of PAP candidates elected at GE2015. From the election results, Tharman’s performance is the best. It is likely that Tharman could be our next PM. Tharman is a good and very intelligent man. He will do good for S’pore.

All is not lost, S’poreans! We have to continue to shape our nation to be make it a comfortable home for our children and grandchildren. It is as our duty and responsibility as their elders. S’poreans have proven that we have the S’pore spirit that unites us and make us look after one another. Many of us love our country with its uniquely S’pore culture, food and Singlish. Many of us don’t really want to migrate. Let’s stay on and shape our nation.

A.S.S. Contributor

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