Dear ASS,

Aiyoh! Last GE Kate Spade already kena jialat jialat for posting on cooling day then this time Vivian Balakrishnan go and post on his Twitter this morning at 1:52am. Haiz. He dunno that cooling off day sure got many people camp online to catch politicians who post political things online meh? then he still don't learn his lesson…

So I go to his twitter and see if he really got so stupid anot, but then too late liao coz he already delete the tweet. Luckily people already take screen shot of it but to double confirm, I also go and see his twitter cache.

See liao right, I notice something funny leh. Seems like that particular tweet keep repeating itself randomly on his twitter over the past 5 days!

Dun belief moi check the cache for yourself lor..

So maybe is he not purposely go and post things on cooling off day one…I think it is more like twitter got some glitch or what because the original tweet appears on 6 Sep but then keep repeating 7 more times after that.

Aiyah…Vivi why you never ownself check ownself?? Maybe twitter also don't like him or PAP then want to sabo him leh??? LOL!!!

Tay Chin Kiang


A.S.S. Contributor

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