Dear Editors,

You are kanasai for spreading this kind of lanjiao video cursing khaw boon wan.. why you publish such a vulgar and low class video? I see your admin name is Farhan (assume Malay), do you know what the person in the video is saying? It is very vicious to a fellow human being. In case you no understand, I will give you summary of what the woman in video said.

The woman whacking khaw boon wan's poster was shouting "beat his mouth… beat him until he cannot breathe… I curse your whole family to die… Beat you until all the ghosts haunt you… beat you till all the ghosts will haunt your family members and they cannot wake up (die)…"

To the auntie who did the video. Ya lah I know you dislike khaw boon wan, he maybe have some policy that you feel unfair or disadvantage to you, but as a decent human being, why need to resort to such vicious cursing? would you do such cursing to others whom you dislike? If you do not like khaw boon wan, just vote against him and that is enough. no need to get personal and be irrational like this.

We are afterall still Singaporeans and will live and fight together as one family after this election. don't let your anger overtake you and make you into a monster. this is confirm not the kind of behaviour singaporeans want to see lor! auntie you need to reflect and apologise.

Tan Daisy

A.S.S. Contributor


Angry auntie vents her unhappiness at Khaw Boon Wan's election poster :O Faster call Singapore Police Force!!! 😛 #CoolingOffDay #AuntieVeryHot #ChillLeh <Credits: Farkyew NG>

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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