On Wednesday (9 September 2015), the PRC couple who knelt in the middle of Bendemeer Road outside the Ministry of Manpower office were each sentenced to five weeks imprisonment.

Bao Weilong and his wife Yang Xuemei, a sales assistant went to the MOM Services Centre in Bendemeer Road to demand for a refund of the $6,000 agent fee she paid find employment in Singapore. She claims to have been cheated but MOM officers were unable to help them. Seeing this, the couple knelt in front the MOM foyer with a message saying that they have been cheated and needed MOM’s help in recouping their agency fees.

MOM officers tried to mediate with the couple and ushered them into an interview room but when a settlement could not be reached after multiple attempts, the couple decided to “carry out Plan B” and knelt on Bendemeer Road despite the oncoming traffic. Security officers told them to move but they refused and officers ended up diverting traffic away from the PRC couple.

In court, Bao Weilong pleaded for leniency saying that he was sorry and remorseful that he had broken the law. He wishes to remain here to work and support his family. His wife also pleaded that she was unaware of the laws and had elderly parents and children to feed back home.

In a statement released by the MOM it said that it takes a serious view of foreigners who breach Singapore laws. It will revoke the work passes of those charged, convicted and jailed, and permanently bar them from working here.

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