With each campaign period, we Singaporeans are elevated to God like status.

This time around, it’s no different. For 9 days, I have 89 people who are constantly whispering sweet nothings to me, trying their best to win my favour. Some are seasoned smooth talkers. Some are seasoned but they are much better off not talking. Some are just there to talk.

Ok… to be fair, the PAP isn’t wooing me with honeyed words. The PAP are still sticking to their stragtegy of addressing why the alternative policies put forth by the opposition parties don’t work. Perhaps, it is the hardtruth, hence they are so persistant in debunking them. Eh hullo! It’s campaigning time. You should tell people what they want to hear. Be engaging. Boast about what you have done for them. Reiterate your prolific resume. If your resume is not colourful, it is your fault. You had 4-5 years. This is really a major PR fail.

This is why the opposition parties constantly draw large crowds to their rallies. The opposition parties offers policies that are very attractive. They speak of offering affordable healthcare for my parents and I, more affordable housing for me, a less stressful education for my children and more importantly, a less stressful life for all Singaporeans. All these are extremely seductive. Who complains about cheaper, quality stuff and less stress? To top it off, they are engaging and they come across as sincere. Kudos to their PR manager.

This is the reason why the opposition have the upper hand. Minimally, as long as the opposition walk the ground, be seen mingling with heartlanders,give speeches that tug at our heartstrings, our votes already go to them. If they do not get voted in, they are not compelled to deliver their promise. Even if they get voted in, they do not have to deliver their promise because they will be “fixed”. Even if they are not fixed, we forgive them because they are new at it.

Here, the PAP is simply getting themselves screwed. Firstly, they do not even attempt to woo us, secondly, their reputation of “fixing” preceeds them and lastly, they do not even try to look pretty. If a carrot was dangled and not executed, we haunt them with video clips and screenshots of their promises.

This is why election rallies favour the opposition. Where PAP reiterates the safe and boring stuff, the opposition parties ante their offers with enticing policies that look good on paper. Why do the PAP persist in having rallies where we believe that people are “forced” to attend is a wonder.

That’s why when the opposition parties complain about the short campaign period, I disagree. The opposition parties know when to speak and what to talk about. Election rallies absolutely favour the opposition parties.

True story bro.

Nick Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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