Dear Editor,

Ever since Dr Chee Soon Juan made a comeback to the Singapore political scene, Singaporeans have experienced a breath of fresh air. After 15 years, this is a very much welcomed wind of change. All of us who have heard him speak during the rallies would agree that amongst the opposition today, no one is as eloquent or as passionate as Dr Chee about Singaporeans and our future.

As usual, the typical pro-PAP crowd is bringing out things which happened almost twenty years ago to try and bring down Dr Chee… In the earlier days of Dr Chee’s political career, he removed his mentor, Mr Chiam See Tong from SDP. In interviews with the international media, Dr Chee would blantantly criticize the lack of freedom of speech in rigid Singapore. Dr Chee staged protests and demonstrations even though they are illegal in Singapore.

Politics is ruthless. It is a hard truth. SDP would not have become the SDP it is today without the removal of Mr Chiam. To denounce Singapore at an international level told the world that certain trade-offs were necessary for this little red dot to become what it is today. This allowed the world to put pressure on our government to hold the reins less tightly. And what of the protests and demonstrations? It showed Singapore and the world that a man is willing to put himself out on the line to emphasis the need for freedom of speech.

Politics is ruthless. After 15 long years of watching from the sidelines, a decade and a half to be precise, Dr Chee would know. He has
dropped his old confrontational approach and reemerged as a man who understands the needs of Singaporeans like you and I. After hearing him speak at the rallies, I feel that we should give Dr Chee a chance and vote Dr Chee in. His persistence over the years has showed us that he will press the government on the issues that need to be addressed. I believe he shou_Inld be voted into parliament.

I understand that some of us would have our reservations. History is not in his favour. The thing is with Dr Chee in the government, it means one more voice in the parliament that will fight for the needs of Singaporeans. Even if some of us doubt his intentions, his stint in the parliament will not make him the government. In the course of 5 years, if we find that he does not perform what he had promised, we still have the choice to vote him out.

SDP Supporter

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