As I scrolled down my FaceBook timeline, there's numerous articles and posts related to the upcoming GE. That is pretty natural, everyone has their own view with regards to politics. I'm a WP supporter myself, and I would respect everyone's choice with regards to the party they support. We are a democratic society after all, right?
What shocked me the most was the barbaric, inhumane comments that followed such posts. It makes me wonder if the comments were from PRCs, really.
I was reading a few articles posted by young Singaporeans today. Although I'm a WP supporter, and I have my reasons for it, I wanted to hear what the younger generation had to say. After all, Singapore's future is their future. The comments that followed these posts were far from what you would expect from a civilised, educated Singaporean. "Fuck his mother" "His pubic hair haven't grow" "Don't teach your parents how to fuck" were some of the many I saw.
This isn't the first time such comments appeared on FaceBook posts. I've read many articles that were either pro-SDP/pro-PAP, and there were numerous barbaric comments that followed too. It makes me feel ashamed that my fellow party supporters show such a low level of sportsmanship, ethics, and basic civilised behaviours.
I have my differing view points as well, but there's always the choice of voicing them out properly, in a civilised way. If you want people to respect your view, even though they might not agree, start by respecting others.
Shame on all of those uneducated, uncivilised comments! I hope this trend would stop, and Singaporeans will prove their graciousness despite differing viewpoints. One people, one nation, one Singapore. No matter how young or how old we are, basic human respect should be followed.
To the older generation (who might not be well educated like me), enough of your profanities. What kind of examples are you setting to our future generations? Empower yourself.
A Disappointed Singaporeans

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