So strange. Someone asked me, “How can you have no gratitude for the good life that the PAP has given you and turn your back on the founding fathers?”
Whaaaaat? That’s the silliest, dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard.

Let me give you a lesson on DEMOCRACY.

Gratitude to the previous generation of Ministers does not mean you give this party a free pass forever. These idiots really think that Singapore belongs to the PAP.

We are all just renting a house here and we should worship them like gods. Naw dumbass.

This is not a fuckin colony of the Emperor of PAP. All these MPs and Ministers are not Lords or Dukes. The PAP DOES NOT own the lands and the money in the reserves.

We are not subjects in an empire. WE ARE FREE PEOPLE. Singapore belongs to the people of SIngapore.

The PAP and whoever works in the civil service are the EMPLOYEES of Singaporeans.

Just like any job in the world when it comes to a job review, if you are not performing well you will get cut and someone else will be hired.

It is perfectly fine to show gratitude for the past generations who built this country up. But look at the performance of this current government and more importantly the screwed up plans that they have for the future.

This doesn’t fly with me.

We need a major change or the future will be very dark.

So, I told that person, ” Maybe in 2030 or 2040, you will have no problem with sharing half of your house and half of your job with a family from China, when they raise the population to 10 million.

But, I’m aint gonna allow that to happen, starting now.”

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