I need to get this off my chest.

I DESPISE all civil servants who vote for the ruling party, just because they say it’s for their job, it’s for their future blah blah blah…

To them, I say: Grow a pair of balls. Wait, even better, grow a spine because you’re sorely missing one.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good civil servants out there. Responsible ones who clearly believe in what they’re doing. I have friends from the MSF who really believe in what they’re doing, teacher friends whose passion is educating the future generation, not just “teaching”.

But the ones that get my beef are the useless civil servants out there who just vote for the ruling party because they’re afraid. Afraid of what? That they’ll take your iron overpaid rice bowl from you? It’s no secret that the civil service is full of overpaid, inefficient people who just check in day in and day out to get their salaries, which mind you are paid with tax payers’ money. MY MONEY.

So you’ll excuse me if you find this rant a little angry, because I really am angry. After the past few days of speaking with some people (I won’t name names), I find that the only reason why they’re voting in the government is because they’re only looking out for themselves. Don’t give me the whole PAP is doing a good job, the opposition can’t run town councils how to run country crap.

Fact is that you’re selfish. You want the government to continue running because you lack the moral courage to vote for the right choice for Singapore’s future. You want the government to keep paying your salary so you close your eyes to injustice all around you, from poor elderly cardboard collectors to shitty public transportation problems and foreigners.

Guess what, I’ve got a news flash for you. When the WP or whatever opposition finally takes over, the first people who will lose their jobs should be you. You who lacked the courage to vote for the right party, and who selfishly clung onto your privileges like some kind of weasel.

To the rest of my friends who are with me on this, let’s do our part. Vote for the opposition and topple the big white elephant in the room.

A.S.S. Contributor

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