Dear Editors,

I am a non-partisan observer. In my opinion all parties are arguing over “tired” issues “over & over again” driving listeners extremely disgusted. No constructive solutions! Just flogging “old” problems. The impression I get is these candidates are devoid of any new ideas. All they can do is repeat each other.

Look at the candidates. Standing behind anchor candidates. Just nodding their heads or wringing their hands sporting a perpetual wide grin. (Little wonder my foreign friends tell me our taxi drivers are more voluble & make better politicians).

Voters are waiting to hear what is your understanding of the following issues-

1. Growing population in an already congested little “red” spot.
2. Foreign talent/workers & tourists & locals crowded in a small space.
3. Transport, housing, education, employment, cost of living, etc issues putting undue stress on Singaporeans.
4. Adequate protection for our CPF monies, national reserves, etc.
5. Entrenchment of the rule of law.
6. Preservation of social values like meritocracy, level playing field, corruption-free, freedom of speech, religious freedom, etc.

Address above issues. Voters will cast their votes based on your “take” on these issues.

Eric-apolitical observer
A.S.S. Contributor

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