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It is time. Yes I have said it many times that NS needs to be abolished. Now is the time for political hopefuls to step up to the plate on this matter. This article talks about why we need opposition parties to take advantage of the coming election to bring this urgent issue to the forefront.

Singapore is at a crossroad. Citizens are enjoying a high standard of living. That’s the good part (or so most impoverished Malaysians and Filipinos think). However this comes at a high cost. Singaporeans work one of the longest hours in the world, on par or exceeding those of the Japanese and Koreans. We wonder why Singaporeans are not having enough babies… because we simply have no time to procreate! On top of it, Singaporean males have to dedicate 2 years of their lives to NS. To add insult to injury, these same male citizens need to do reservist training for the next 20 years!!! This article describes how birthrate is negatively correlated to NS.

Why is Singapore spending 3.3% of its budget on military spending? I can tell you exactly why: 1) enrich the PAP selected generals and admirals (too many flag officers for such a small country, IMO) who are then unequivocally parachuted into parliament through GRCs; and 2) protect the PAP elites who earn millions of dollars as ministers. No politicians deserve millions of dollars in salary, because their job is to serve the people, not the other way around. This is simply legalized corruption at its finest. All this at the expense of Singaporean males who are brainwashed and expected to serve and protect these elites, as well as the recent influx of foreign talents. Those who choose not to serve or not follow exit permit policies are punished excessively. Singapore males are simply discriminated and disadvantaged. There are currently (and counting) more than 10,000 Singapore males who are not allowed to re-enter Singapore as a result of these flawed policies. The PAP, though, is really much more accommodating towards FT PRs regarding NS. What, you might ask? Our government treats foreigners better than our local born males? Indeed they are. They want these new naturalized citizens to vote for them in the upcoming election.

What are we protecting? Certainly not Amos Yee or Roy Ngerng who speak their minds. The PAP simply want Yes men and women in this country who do not dare to bring up difficult issues such as CPF and 6.9M. LHL is using his power to punish those who do not agree with him, no matter how young the victims are. NS was designed cleverly by the incumbents to “educate” Singapore youths to blindly obey orders and not question their PAP grandmasters. They also need cheap labour for National Day Parades and such, to show Malaysia and Indonesia that we are not be reckoned with. Let’s be honest here. If Malaysia or Indonesia want to invade us, it would be over in a matter of days. Look at the number of Malaysians and Indonesians who are here right now. Do you think they would be loyal to Singapore when war comes?

Singapore needs a professional army. Stop exploiting our male youths, and stop spending unnecessary monies on military when the funds can be redirected to more purposeful uses, such as social assistance for the poor. Politicians from the SDP and WP need to take note of the ulterior motive for NS as mandated by the PAP. Vote PAP out so that we can start the process of dismantling NS.

National Slavery
A.S.S. Contributor

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