Dear Editors,

Have you ever had a bad toothache that it affects your mood, your movements… constant bad headache… and whatever you do seems to go wrong. You try to self medicate with listerine, with clove oil, with axe oil, with salt and whatever means you try to put into your mouth just to get that temporary relief. It just doesn’t work. The only solution is to extract the tooth.

Perhaps, Singapore is having that bad toothache. Things seems to be going wrong every other day and bringing in foreign talent, foreign PRs and new citizens have failed to solve the painful reality of Singaporeans real daily livelihood. Here then perhaps the best way is to extract the tooth that is hurting the gum… IMHO, this tooth is in the form of the current cabinet of the PAP.

After extracting the tooth, there will be a bit of blood oozing out and a gap in that smile. The smile may not be as perfect as before but in all likelihood only after that tooth is extracted then the pain will subside and life can go on a little better…

The Other Loyal Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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