I wish I could vote. I come across countless articles on the internet on how the current Government isn’t good enough, how it is not providing for vulnerable and how it doesn’t care about the citizens’ welfare.

After seeing such negativity, I realised I have to voice out my opinion else I will live to regret.

Coming from a single family, life is not easy for me as a 19 year old student. My mum is not in her fittest form and it pained me to see how she struggled to earn $800 a month just to put me to school.

But I was still hopeful, I didn’t believe in blaming anybody. I wasn’t envious of my more well to do friends. Why should I?

Because for me, I am very fortunate to have a Government and MP that care.

If not for the Government’s help, students from very humble background like myself, would not be able to receive financial assistance such as the CDC CCC Bursary awards. And when my mum had some housing issues not too long ago, my MP helped us settle into a 1-room rental flat. The process wasn’t easy, but my MP and his team persevered and succeeded. Had it not for them, my mum and I would probably have to live in some charity homes.

Why am I saying all these? My point is: No human is perfect. No government is perfect too.

Our Government does have some flaws. But we can’t just focus on the flaws and ignore the good things it has done over the years.

I feel that some of my fellow Singaporeans are too complacent and are taking what they have for granted. Honestly, I don’t blame them. They might not have gone through what I went through.

But why can’t we just give the Government some credit?

Because of my own experience, I began helping at MPS. I have witnessed many dedicated MPs, trying their best to help residents, often working into the wee hours of the morning. I know of so many residents who are grateful for CPF and the Pioneer Generation Package because these really helped to lighten their burden. So why isn’t anyone saying anything about this?

My fellow friends, food for thought. We all want to receive. But how much are we willing to give? You want more welfare, but do you want to pay higher taxes? Do you want to end up like Greece?

The Government is not perfect. I doubt there is a perfect government in the world. Every leader will have his strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the strengths, not the weaknesses.

Polling Day is around the corner. I wish I could vote but unfortunately, I couldn’t. I urge those who are fortunate enough to exercise their sacred voting right to vote carefully and wisely. I believe my fellow Singaporeans will make the wise choice this Friday – for your future, for my future and for our future.

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