National Solidarity Party (NSP) candidate Kevryn Lim gave an emotional speech yesterday night, visibly tearing as she implored Singaporeans to vote her and her party into parliament so that she could fight for parenthood benefits for single parents and maternity leave for single mothers.

Ms Lim became tearful as she said: “In the pledge, it says based on justice and equality. These people are also Singaporeans.”

Recounting stories of parents she had met on walkabouts in rental blocks, she spoke about how she met one unwed mother who was not eligible for the baby bonus and was scraping by on only $1,000 a month. Another resident, a single father, was still sleeping on his parents’ sofa.

“In the National Day Rally, when (Prime Minister) Lee talked about baby bonus, maternity leave, paternity leave, he never mentioned single-parent families. Why are they left out? They also hold a Singaporean passport!” She went on: “I would like to ask the Government to also give 16 weeks of maternity leave to single mothers. Single parents should also enjoy baby bonuses. There should be parenthood benefits, tax benefits for these single parents as well.”

“Let us fight for equal rights and leave no Singaporean behind.”

Ms Lim, who is part of the NSP team fielded in Sembawang GRC, was speaking at the rally for MacPherson SMC.

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