Dear Sir,

I am not against the government or any parties. I am only concern about Singapore citizens and the older generation as more older people will lost their jobs.
In my opinion, the government MUST concern the citizens and their job first before others. Singaporeans is the roots of Singapore and we need to protect many job and industry for the Singaporean. Equity market and Property market are the 2 most important for every countries, whoever control them owns the country. Yes we need increase of populations, immigrants and others to contribute to the country and people here. Their investment here is a long term basis and eventually will stay and put their roots here.

I am not anti-foreigners. What I learn from life is that “ Who need Who?” Foreign investors, labors, PRs see opportunity here, that’s why they are here, one day they leave for other country or go back home when the opportunity drys up and they pull their fund back? The government should think of a longer strategy to strengthen the local companies and workforce and control the major sector will not have a pitfalls if foreigners or PRs withdraw suddenly one day.

We employed so much foreign workers like filipinos in service sectors and they remit most of their income back to their country? What do we gain from here? Companies are willing to paid higher in cost to employ foreigners including the foreign levy but not willing to pay the local Singaporeans the salary? Many Singapore who lost their jobs in the 40-50s find it very hard to go back to the workforce and also scut in their salary etcs…..We should look deep into these issues and promote local Singaporeans to fill up the jobs. If not I can predict more singaporeans will end up working as cleaners after working their ass for their life. Is this the life which we should be looking forward? Just like in Japan, many executives who lost their jobs and ended homeless and many become beggers.

I would like to give an example of industry that I find it ridiculars that our government is way behind to regulate the real estate industry but the reform is very slow and the salesperson are not protected in many ways.

Singapore’s total population was 5.47 million as of June 2014.

Singapore has more than 30,000 registered as Real Estate Salesperson, they consist or Singapore citizen, PR and foreignors.

The population of Australia is estimated to be 23,887,800 as of 6 September 2015. ABS’ publication Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits, Jun 2009 to Jun 2013 recorded 35,019 real estate services businesses as at June 2013.

As of 1 January 2015, the population of Hong Kong was estimated to be 7,266,360 people.

The number of registered individual real estate salesman and agent license holders is above 30,000.

In Singapore, foreign applicants, estate agents should first check with CEA on the type of employment pass they should possess.

Singapore allow foreigners and PRs to work as salesperson in Real Estate Industry.

Don’t you think that a small city country like Singapore with more than 30,000 salesman is way above over supply of workforce? Do we still need foreignors and PRs to join to this workforce sectors? The local citizen already over supply and the government allow foreigners and PRs to join the real estate industry, where most countries protect the real estate industry and do not allow foreigners and PRs to be license in real estate industry as agency and salesperson.

Like China, Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand do not allow foreigners and PRs to apply for Real Estate Salesperson license.

The next topic which I personally feel that is very important which is the HDB flat. I appraise the government of the planning and a good job for the HDB houseing in Singapore. The government can do better by controling the prices of the HDB flats and it is very simple if the government wanted. We all know that a home is the Most expensive investment that most of the people in the world as they have to work very hard to pay the mortgage for the next 25 years or more. Many people are unlucky as they are unable to raise the money to pay for the downpayment.

1. Most People start working after college or after NS at age 21-25 years old
2. Take 5 to 10 years to save the money for downpayment
3. Installment period 25 years.

By then average people will be 55 years old, idealy most people should have fully paid the home right but the fact is that many are still paying and extent the loan to 65 years old. Why the younger generations prefer to be single or birth rates are dropping? The younger generations saw the parents suffer bring them up and they do not wants to live that kind of life. If we can reduce the home loan to 15-20 years, that will make a significant different and change the mindset of the younger generation.

Properties prices are going up too fast but remember, HDB is owned by the government and I personally do not agree that we should make HDB flat an speculative investment product. The first home owners are happy when their HDB double up the value, then the next generations suffers when it become too expensive for them. The prices cannot continue to rise to a level that it will be out of control. The government should control the price bandwidth, who will willing to buy the resale flat if New flat is lower theresale right. Then the people will have enough saving for their children and also improvement their lifestyle.

What is Life about? Is life about making money and raising a family?

Nobody wants to be a wage slavery right!

Is it about “making a difference” or “following your heart”? Is there a reason we are all here?

You tell me!!!!

Truly yours,
A.S.S. Contributor


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