Speaking to the media during a walkabout at Bedok South yesterday, WP candidate Daniel Goh has called on the government to explain its current stand on the 6.9 million population projection. He added that the government is sending “mixed signals” by cutting back on foreign labor growth without clarifying its stance on the population target.

“Why is (the 6.9 million parameter) still there if you’re cutting down on foreign manpower and making economic adjustments … If you’re really focusing on Singaporeans, what then is the (Government’s) planning parameter?” Dr Goh asked.

The 6.9 million population white paper was released in January 2013. It was projected that the Republic’s population may increase to 6.9 million by 2030. All nine WP Members of Parliament voted against it in the House, and the party published its own policy paper that made the case for a freeze on foreign-workforce growth and a 1 per cent resident-workforce growth rate per year.

Although the Manpower Ministry under Mr Lim Swee Say has taken steps to tighten inflow, Dr Goh wants to know if the government’s stance on the paper still stands.

“Has the PAP changed any direction and policy … Are they still intending to open the floodgates in the next three, four, five years? What’s the scenario?” he questioned.

Dr Goh added that the WP is not pressing the PAP to commit to an absolute population projection.

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