[Singapore GE2015] What we are voting for…

At a local coffeeshop, I heard a most interesting analogy. The uncle compared the relationship between the PAP and the Opposition Parties as that of the dutiful wife and the vixen. Here goes:

The PAP is akin to a middle aged wife of a self-made wealthy businessman. She toiled tirelessly, washing clothes, cooking, teaching the kids… Basically caring for household.

Regardless of how well she runs the household, she would never have gotten the praises and adoration of her husband and children. When something goes wrong, it will usually be her fault… Too strict… Incompetent…u name it.

But why would she be naggish and strict? Because the wife is there to walk life’s journey with the husband and she has a responsibility. She scolds because she is worried, she nags because her heart aches.

The opposition is like the vixen who is prancing and waiting to replace the wife. All she needs to do, is to dress up, speak nice sweet things and gain the liking of people. Nothing more.

Once the vixen gains her position, she has his money to spend. She doesn’t care if the kids or the family has a future! After all, she didn’t walk the journey from the start with the family, the kids are not hers!

Why would this vixen be seemingly sweet and considerate? Because she has no responsibilities, and she doesn’t and wouldn’t appreciate how difficult and arduous the journey has been from rags to riches.

To pick on bones and speak badly of the wife, is easy, who can’t? All that’s needed is to speak against, act prominently and go against the flow of logic…

Choose wisely.

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