Dear Editors,

After so many days of rallies, these are my observations about how rallies are run and the tactics our politicians use to make the crowd go wild.

1. The myth of the aged old cardboard collector. In every rally I have attended, I have been treated ad nauseum by all these knn politicians about the cardboard collectors and how they must be helped and so on and so on. Enough lah! First surprise hor, every damn housing estate in Singapore be it Hougang, Aljunied also got cardboard collectors. It is a way for some of these old people to make a living. Some are truly in poverty, others are not. They simply don’t like to sit around in old homes and stack cups or lego. Period. Stop fucking brandying them around in every rally and say you feel for them. Really it is getting nauseating.

2. Use of second language. Will the Chinese candidate just speak Chinese or dialect and not speak Melayu or Tamil? Will the malay candidate just speak melayu and not Chinese or Tamil? Will the Indian candidate just speak Tamil and not Chinese or Melayu? Last, can the fuckers who cannot speak Chinese, Tamil or Melayu just speak English? You get the point yah? Rally speech only 15 minutes and you spend half stumbling across a language you suck in.

3. The town councils issue. I have heard enough, Everyone is right and wrong at the same time. Just fucking stop it.

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